• Florence Kruse posted an update 1 year, 11 months ago

    Went there in late April 2018. It’s worth the trip…actually it normally starts off in a jeep at 3 am in the early morning. You take a forty to 50 minute travel usually..and it really is quite chilly there..close to 8 to ten levels so you need to wrap up..and use gloves!Next problem was receiving to the mountain by way of the targeted traffic..hundreds of jeeps snaking through the evening and then converging with each other..into a traffic jam!So off on foot…get some coffee or sizzling beverages in you before climbing the stairs up to the mountainside. And its genuine busy! We acquired some paket wisata bromo malang fabric from a loval vendor to sit on the mountain observing the solar gradually rising…by the time it did we have been quite cold. But the sights and mists clearing on a very clear early morning have been well worth the travels.