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    Hand sanitizer: Removes bacteria when used. If 70% alcohol can also kill viruses. The active manfaat cuci tangan ingredient evaporates in the process of use. Your hands can then start picking up new bacteria and viruses because the residue does not kill them. The ingredients that kill have evaporated.Hand washing: Anti bacterial or not, they do not kill viruses. Washing your hands with soap loosen the clinging bacteria and viruses so when you rince your hands they go down the drain. Again starting over with hands that have no protection.What is the best way to avoid it. While staying away from those known to be sick is obvious, you should start widening your personal space keeping your hands to yourself.No matter what, stop touching your face. Even you that say you never do that just don’t realize how much you really do that. It is hard to stop but you need to be more aware of your face touching.