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    Javanese and Indonesian/Malay are associated. Each are Hesperonesian languages. The grammar of both languages are associated and it is frequently possible to translate Javanese sentences into Indonesian/Malay phrase for phrase and vice versa.What makes Javanese different from Indonesian/Malay is its diverse registers of minimal Javanese, higher Javanese and every little thing in amongst.The morphology, the phonology, the phonotactics and the syntaxis of the Javanese are somewhat richer than Malay, nevertheless there are some things which are normal of Malay, which are absent in Javanese like classifier, the variances in between inclusive and contoh percakapan bahasa jawa halus unique we and certain affixes.Usually Indonesian/Malay /d/ on start place corresponds to Javanese /r/, even though Malay /r/ is zero or /h/ in Javanese. Malay /j/ is Javanese /d/.Examples:dengar vs rungu – to listen tojalan vs dalan – avenue, wayjarum vs dom – needleThe literary vocabulary of Javanese is also richer than that of Malay/Indonesia, but Javanese does deficiency some vocabulary to categorical modern concepts. Javanese speakers are inclined to financial loan words and phrases from Indonesian.Below I provide you with samples of Indonesian and Javanese. These are write-up one of the Universal Declaration of the Human Legal rights (UDHR),[1] the Tower of Babel, and the commencing of the John’s Gospel. I need to say although that I am not certain regardless of whether the translations of the UDHR are official (and appropriate), I would have translate it in a different way in Javanese. Besides, these translated sentences of the UDHR include a whole lot of loanwords. As for the Tower of Babel I must say that the modern translations of Indonesian and Javanese are various in wording, so that these translations are only helpful to present how various they are. For that reason I take the liberty to present you the translations of John one, as these translations can be utilized to display how related these languages are, the Javanese translation is an older translation. The translations of the Tower of Babel are courtesy of the Indonesian Bible Culture (Lembaga Alkitab Indonesia)[two]even though the Javanese translation of John 1 was by Jansz. I have modernised the spelling even though.